Diamond Line mattress top Ergoflex range

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Estimated Availability3 to 5 days
FillingSprings bonnel
Micro massageNo
LineTopo de gama
CompositionTissue stretch
SidebandWith side vents
Height24 cm (Approximate)
Other featuresAnti-allergic, anti-mite, ventilated

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System Bonnell springs: Or Bonnell springs are steel springs intertwined and covered with a thin foam layer. Thus the whole is stable and can handle large weight capacity. On the plus side, made-up of carbon steel make less noise when the person moves, another major advantage is the durability and stability of molejo which ensures more comfort. Already as a negative point, the springs are not individual, so in the case of couples, when a person moves to another scale. Its durability is long. So it is definitely a good option for those who sleep alone, but loves extra space.

Typology: Spring bonnel

Fabric: High quality Stretch fabric is soft to the touch providing a pleasant sensation of freshness, only distinct quality standards.

Side Band: Fillet with vents allowing ventilation of the mattress interior restraining the formation of stains and fungi.

Other features: Ventilated, anti-allergic and anti-mite.


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Diamond Line mattress top Ergoflex range

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