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    Living room

    Dining rooms, living rooms and dressers

    In the rooms, spaces that can be used as dining room, also can serve as leisure and escanso where you can also enjoy a good TV show.

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    • Dining room

      Louceiros, tables and sideboards

      Used as a local meal, the dining room is a great place of interaction between family members or friends. Enjoy a nice meal during a meeting of their guests!

    • Dressers

      Sideboards for dining room

      As a supplement in the dining room or in tight spaces, the sideboard is a highly decorative piece in addition to the storage space you have!

    • Shelves

      Shelving, living room

      The shelves are options to the living room where you can have some storage. With spaces for decorations, may also have space for your TV.

    • China cabinet

      China cabinet furniture

      Indispensable in the dining room, the display cabinets allow large storage crockery and other utensils. They are excellent to fill a wall in your dining room or kitchen.

    • Mobile TV

      Furniture and bases for TV

      Some have a wine cellar, is not unique furniture for the room, being used both in the room or other areas of your home. With modern trends, the TV trays are usually low furniture with LCD TVs on the wall fixed or supported over very decorative sense.

    • Tall unit

      High furniture for living room

      The tall unit are complementary to the room. The decor, are very decorative pieces that help fill your space!

    • Bar Furniture

      Mobile wall bar or corner

      Where space is large enough, the bar furniture is an important addition to your living room or dining. If you have need for storage bottles, this is certainly the indicated mobile, but it is not the case, you can use it for other objects!

    • Showcases

      Showcases high, low windows and corner windows

      Their wares or services to their collections need not be hidden in the drawer! Expo them in shop windows, it is certainly a good way to show to your friends. Usually in the room but are also used in other places where you want to expose those objects that had in the drawer.

    • Clocks

      Room watch mobile

      Although the main goal is the decor, the room watch is a significant milestone in any room. With several models available, you can find one that fits to your type of furniture. Not only just in classic rooms, as there are contemporary designs for any space!

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    Showing 1 - 60 of 151 items