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    Furniture for the lobby

    The one home decoration process is not complete without the lobby! There we can, as appropriate, include some useful and decorative pieces that will certainly help to complement your space and make the entrance of your home with style!

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    • Shoes Cabinet

      Shoe rack for shoe storage

      The need for storage of shoes, the crabs are undoubtedly the best option. Large or small, of various designs and materials, there is certainly one that meets your needs!

    • Consoles

      Input decorative consoles

      For a lobby much more attractive, the consoles are a good option. Very decorative, will leave its stunning hall!

    • Cloakrooms

      Input cloakrooms

      Widely used in an entry, the cloakrooms usually with mirror, are very decorative and also allow the umbrella of storage and coat of your guests.

    • Decorative chests

      Decorative convenient and tidy

      Decorative chests are pieces with elegance to the decor of your home. Used in the lobby, in the hallway or even in other spaces filling a wall, make no doubt its much nicer space.

    • Phone banks

      Phone banks

      Normally found in the lobby, phone banks complement the need for those who still have traditional landline at home serving as a support, or just as a decorative object, making its entry even more attractive.

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    Showing 1 - 60 of 66 items
    Showing 1 - 60 of 66 items