Paintings and Screens

Paintings and Decorative Screens

The paintings represent an expression, a feeling or a thought.

We can carry out a work based on a photograph of the client. Custom paintings made to match your preferences.

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  • Plants

    Pictures of plants

    Representative pictures of plants and flowers of various types and colors.

  • Landscapes

    Landscape paintings

    The decor of the walls step by to have paintings and other decorative objects. Pictures and canvases with landscape paintings, are a choice for those who like to see and feel the surrounding nature.

  • Figures

    Picture frames

    The figures represent an expression, a feeling or a thought. They are important works of the expressionist movement.

  • Abstract

    Abstract Paintings

    Abstract art represents forms and content, unrelated to any figurative representation and that transcends the outer appearances of reality.

  • Cities

    City Frames

    Authors who inspire by reproducing on canvas magnificent paintings of cities. Works of art with meaning of author representing the melancholy of traits.

  • Animals

    Signs & Symbols

    Feel the colorful art of animal pictures in your home! There are several shapes and sizes of representative pictures of various species of the animal world to decorate your home.

  • Artistic nude

    Artistic Nude Frames

    Artistic nude, is the designation given to the exposure of a naked person's body in various artistic mediums. It is considered one of the academic classifications of works of art.

  • Africans

    African Paintings

    African art represents the customs and customs of the African tribes. The objects express a lot of sensitivity. In the paintings, as well as in the sculptures, the presence of the human figure identifies the concern with the ethnic, moral and religious values.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 75 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 75 items