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    Lighting for your home

    Give more light to your life with our lamps and lighting systems. We have several models of lamps with different styles. Light this idea!

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    • Ceiling lights

      Ceiling ceiling lights or wall

      The ceiling lights are cadeeiros that can be used both in the ceiling and the wall.

      It is set directly to the wall without the use of cables or other materials for the same purpose.

    • Lamps ceiling suspension

      Ceiling suspension lamps

      The decoration of your house also has to have lamps suitable for your space. There are several models of ceiling lamps that you can choose. For the living room, bedroom or any space where you need your application, just choose the model of your choice.

    • Table lamps

      Modern or classic table lamps

      The table lamps are part of the decor of any home. Are indispensable elements in the room, the room, or even in its entry on the mobile. They can be combined with other models in the same space or using different combinations to beautify your environment.

    • Floor lamps

      High Floor lamps

      The floor lamps are floor lamps and are ideal for any room of your home. They are a decorative element of extreme importance in the decoration of your home.

    • Wall lamps

      Modern wall lamps and classic

      For decoration of a wall, these lamps are an excellent choice. Get a light highly decorative and pleasant atmosphere making your cozier space.

    • Desk lamps

      Desk lamps for home or office

      The decor of your office can not miss one, always useful lamp. Its less intense light that the ceiling lighting, leaves a more peaceful setting for when you need artificial lighting without all the remaining lighting.

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    Showing 1 - 60 of 294 items
    Showing 1 - 60 of 294 items