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The mattresses and bed are part of our day-to-day contributing to a good rest. So choosing a good mattress is essential to promote your rest. Rest well, rest with our mattresses in comfort and quality!

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  • Mattresses

    How To Choose Your Mattress

    When choosing your mattress you should take into account its weight, size and type of firmness intended.

    Lie down slowly, relax, let the weight of your body fall on the mattress, feel the degree of comfort.

    Try several positions, but essentially the position in which you usually sleep.

    Our mattresses have different types of compositions, structures and fillings, which make them unique and different, even within the same level of firmness and comfort.

    Now you just have to find the right mattress for you.

  • Mattress bases

    Sommier bases

    The basis for mattress or bed bases, allow the mattress maintains its flat surface thereby giving comfort to your bed.

  • Relax

    Relax Systems

    Relax! The relaxation couches systems are excellent for your relaxation and relaxation! Relax! Relax and feel back in action!

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Showing 1 - 60 of 62 items