Decorations, curtains paintings and carpets ...

There are many options you can choose for your decor. Your taste will be decisive for a good result, even so, you can request our help, to become experts with the space of your home in your dream!

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  • Mirrors

    Frames and mirrors

    The mirrors can simply be hung on a wall or superimposed on a piece of furniture. Framed or simpler, they also serve as decorative object that adorn the environment of your home.

  • Paintings and Screens

    Paintings and Decorative Screens

    The paintings represent an expression, a feeling or a thought.

    We can carry out a work based on a photograph of the client. Custom paintings made to match your preferences.

  • Home textiles

    Here are the various textiles needed for your home. From kitchen parts for everyday use, through the comfort of your room, to the decor of your room, get to know our options at the best price.

  • Decorative objects

    Decorative objects

    There are several objects for the decoration of your house, from decorative figures, vases, vases and much more.

    Let yourself be followed by your senses and your good taste will prevail ...

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Showing 1 - 60 of 217 items
Showing 1 - 60 of 217 items